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Central Technology Services is the software industry’s leading financial services partner specializing in assisting Fortune 1000 companies and their vendors manage the financial, operational and budgetary issues associated with acquiring enterprise software and related technology assets. Central’s suite of software license solutions helps enterprise companies better manage their business, balance sheet and EBITDA drivers to leverage the industry’s evolving range of subscription, cloud and perpetual license software options. Read More »


Get perpetual software licensing at the lowest possible price, and only pay maintenance on the licenses you are using.

Take full advantage of available volume discounts and save up to 30% or more on your first-year operating expenses.

Optimize accounting for cloud software with volume discounts based on your future software needs while avoiding the costs of unused capacity.


We partner with more than 40 of the top enterprise technology companies, including 8 of the top 10 Global 100 software leaders.

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Contact us for multi-year software purchases involving a large volume of users deployed over time or when you are ready to invest in the cloud.  Don’t let budget constraints delay necessary purchases.

We provide innovative, customized financial solutions that remove budgetary barriers from IT procurement. Over the last 20 years, we have structured more than a billion dollars in transactions, helping clients across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. gain access to volume discounts on the technology they need and maximizing their ROI.

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Straight Talk From a Global CTO

Central Technology Services recently had the opportunity to speak with Doug Schneider who spent five years as the Global CTO of Manulife Financial. We discussed his approach to Manulife’s transition to cloud,  vendor management, software acquisition and Central’s role as a business partner. With 2017 revenues exceeding $40 Billion, Manulife Financial is ranked 250 on Fortune’s Global 500. 


Software Licensing: Can Better Measurement Deliver Better Management?

Frustrated at trying to fit your internal chargeback requirements into the one-size-fits-all invoicing approach from your enterprise software vendor? Many buyers say yes. The point of course is that your software vendor is in business to sell licenses not licensing flexibility. You do have other options however.

Think unit of measure. The simple one is based on number of seats or users. Virtually all enterprise software is sold based on the number of seats. Funny thing though, we’ve discovered after writing almost $1B in business that there are many units of measure that customers use for internal chargebacks. We know... they’ve asked us.

What are they looking for? The two constants are (1) more transparent budget management and (2) more precise cost allocations. The result?  Accounting treatment that accurately reflects internal expense allocations and the delivery of benefits matched with the timing of their vendor payables. Central’s customized licensing for enterprise software is a unique, effective answer to this problem. We’ve compiled a list of other unique innovative units of measure that our customers have asked for.